Gilhooley's KON TIKI!

I'm Gilhooley. Thomas Aloysius 'Boats' Gilhooley. But nobody calls me Boats anymore, not since the Navy and that was a long time ago. I got this place from the best friend I ever had, Guns Donovan. He gave it to me when he got married and left Haleakaloha for Baaston, the poor schmuck. Funny thing, people call him Guns and he's got two of 'em. Almost got the better of me a few times at our annual birthday brawl. Oh yeah, did I mention we were born on the same day? Ha! Poor dumb schmuck...
Anyways, here I am in paradise. French Polynesia is so beautiful this time of year. Or that time of year or any time of year come to think of it and I says to myself; Gilhooley, why don't you bring some of this south seas heaven on earth to the world, there could be a buck or two in it. So far there ain't. I made a podcast Gilhooley's Tiki Bar which was really an accomplishment since they haven't been invented yet. Didn't make enough to fix the slot machine.

So now I'm doing a weekend Tiki show from Haleakaloha on the radio because it has been invented. There will be among many, Les Baxter, Martin Denny, Arthur Lyman, traditional Polynesian artists, a little surf and eventually swaying hula girls in grass skirts whose autographed photos for a small fee can be simulvaxed to the mainland. The show is called KON TIKI! (the best Pupu platters and Mai Tais anywheres) and will air zero hundred hours EDT -4GMT Zulu Fridays through Sunday whenever I sober up.

I would like to thank commander Skip and the ATOMIC CITY Radio Network for this opportunity. I promise I will never behave in a drunken or won ton manner, hrmmmff... again.


ATOMIC CITY Mon 7:00PM - Fri 7:00PM EST
KON TIKI! Fri 7:00PM - Mon 7:00AM EST
Swinging 40s Wed 7:00PM - 9:00PM EST

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   HI-FI Living Stereo-matic Sound

ATOMIC CITY is a Torontocast radio station that is based in Canada. Torontocast provides music license coverage through SOCAN

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  1. Life would be 'the pits' without the Skipper, Atomic City and Kon-Tiki! All HAIL him!!!

  2. It's a great station. Is there any specific reason why it Alexa refuses to play it?

  3. Hello! Been listening to you since long ago on Live365. Keep broadcasting!

  4. Just love this stuff - the best radio station in the world